Dear friend,

Hello, I am Pastor Coleman. The Lord has given me the wonderful privilege to be the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I sincerely hope that I will also have the privilege of meeting you one day.

I’ll tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a Christian home in Texas, and was saved by the grace of God at age 7. I surrendered my life to serve Him at the age of 17, after we had moved to the state of Virginia. The Lord put me under the ministry of a godly pastor who is still a dear friend of mine today. After surrendering my life to Him, I began to seek His will in a Bible college to attend. The Lord clearly led me to Crown College in Powell, TN. There the Lord worked mightily in my heart, and afforded me numerous opportunities to serve Him and prepare for the future ministry He had for me. While at Crown College, I met my wonderful wife Ellie, who serves the Lord faithfully with me.

After graduating College, the Lord gave us the opportunity to assist pastors in Georgia and Virginia. I served in children’s ministry, music ministry, and in being a second man to the pastor. In a rather unexpected way, in November 2019, I was told about Calvary Baptist in Harrisburg being in need of a pastor. Through many circumstances and God’s hand of guidance, the Lord directed us to Harrisburg, PA, and we were voted in as Pastor in February of 2020. Through the challenges of 2020, it has been an absolute joy to serve as the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. We greatly look forward to everything the Lord has in store for the future of this church. We love our people, and pray that you will consider visiting and joining this local assembly. If I can ever be a help to you in any way, please email me at the contact info listed below.

Yours truly,
Pastor Stephen M. Coleman